Heart of Oregon Wine Tours host some cast of the series Grimm.

Heart of Oregon Wine Tours was the perfect choice to host cast members of the hit TV series Grimm. Sasha Roiz and his co-star Reggie Lee take a moment to pose for a nice shot with Bill Rush owner of Heart of Oregon Wine tours. During their relaxing tour the group enjoyed such venues like Willakenzie Vineyards, Elk Cove, and the sights of Colene Clemens. After some delicious wines the group stopped in for lunch at the nostalgic Zippys for some of “the best pizza ever” is what I am sure I heard from Reggie. Then it was back to the Allison Inn and Spa for a little rest and relaxing by the pool.This was truly a pleasure to chat with these very gracious down to earth gentlemen. Thanks for coming to the beautiful Willamette Valley for wine touring guys.Grimm Guys

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