Great Wines are made with quality products at Colene Clemens

colene clemens barrels.jpg 2I think we have all seen something cool made out of an old wine barrel now haven’t we. Tables, fences, sinks, benches, and even art just to scratch the surface. But I was stunned when I investigated the useful life of a wine barrel for making wine and what the initial investment is. A new barrel after being made and shipped to the United States cost approximately $1000 and most will only be used three times from what my local sources tell me. After that who knows what it will be turned into or where it will end up. But I can only hope that some of the very cool stuff they get turned into becomes mine. I stumbled across a fresh shipment of barrels at Colene Clemens just the other day, so being the curious George I am I just had to go count them. Yes the label reads barrel 52 of 52. That is approximately $52,000. Quite an investment don’t you think? But I take comfort in knowing that the wines that will come out of these barrels will be exceptional as always. colene clemens barrels

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